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Gemalto, defunct as of 2019 when it was acquired by Thales, was a digital security company providing software applications, cybersecurity solutions, payment security and secure personal devices like smart cards. Before its acquisition, Gemalto was the world’s largest Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card manufacturer.

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Gemalto in Cellular Standards & Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Gemalto in IoT Networks & Services

Gemalto in Digital Payment Technologies

Gemalto in IoT Hardware & Devices

Gemalto in Citizen Digital Identity

Gemalto in Trusted Device Solutions

Gemalto in IoT Cybersecurity

Gemalto in 5G & Mobile Network Infrastructure

Gemalto in 5G Core & Edge Networks

Gemalto in Smart Homes & Buildings

Gemalto in Smart Urban Infrastructure

Gemalto in Telco Cybersecurity