Digital Certificate/Key Issuance & Management for the IoT

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Publish Date: 11 Jan 2019
Code: AN-2483
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Pages: 30
Digital Certificate/Key Issuance & Management for the IoT
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The adoption of IoT technologies is an ever-expanding process. The fervent increase in the number of connected devices over the past few years, however, did not coalesce with the appropriate level of security, which led to an inevitable but more turbulent transition into encryption processes. Still, an alarming percentage of IoT devices and services do not make use of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) or cryptography. However, driven by security gaps in the identity value chain and bolstered by the increased rate of cyber attacks, digital certificates, and encryption key solutions are set to increase in the near future.

This report focuses on these two vital areas, digital certificate issuance and encryption key management, providing a comprehensive overview of the entire process, covering the debate between enterprise-level and IoT-level PKI, addresses challenges and outlines opportunities for current and future implementers among others. In addition, the report explores the encryption key lifecycle management process analyzing the key steps along the way and offers strategic guidance for services across the spectrum including: quantum-based encryption for key management, hardware security modules, the future evolution of encryption, key storage, cancellation, and many other lifecycle management pitfalls. Further, market data featuring penetration of PKI and issuance of digital certificates across the entire IoT landscape and leading vendors including Entrust Datacard, Gemalto, Globalsign, Intel, Rambus, ISARA, and Exosite.