The TALQ Consortium Expands Its Smart City Protocol to Environment and Traffic Management

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By Lindsey Vest | 2Q 2022 | IN-6488


Version 2.4.0


The TALQ Consortium announced the release of version 2.4.0 of their open Application Programming Interface (API) standard for smart cities in February 2022. The new specifications include profiles for environmental monitoring, smart traffic management, and smart parking, among others.

The Benefits of TALQ


The TALQ consortium was originally developed as a smart streetlighting protocol in 2012, and its members—including Itron, Signify, Schréder, and Quantela—are among some of the biggest smart streetlighting vendors across the globe. Companies can have their products certified with TALQ, ensuring interoperability between Central Management Systems (CMSs) and Outdoor Device Networks (ODNs). This has a multitude of benefits for cities, including multivendor choices, OpenAPI Specification for accelerated innovation, common language for smart city applications, and increased cost-efficiency. There are currently 41 products approved to carry the TALQ certification, including 18 CMSs and 23 gateways (ODNs) from 27 companies.


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