Watch These 8 Tech Companies Lead the Way into 2023

In the technology space, it’s vital that your organization stay on top of prevailing trends in your respective industry. This extends to keeping tabs on the competition or, if you’re seeking a solution provider, weighing your options. That’s why ABI Research released its 40 Technology Companies To Watch In 2023 whitepaper to better understand which tech firms are winning in terms of innovation and implementation of their technology products/software.  

This whitepaper summarizes our 2022 competitive rankings assessments in eight technology markets:

  • Supply chain visibility solution providers
  • Cold-storage wallets and the security of cryptocurrency portfolios
  • Generative design software suppliers
  • Edge Machine Learning (ML) platform vendors
  • System integrators’ private 5G
  • Commercial telematics vendors
  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software suppliers
  • Passive base station antenna market

Our overall market leaders (in chronological order) were Blue Yonder, Ledger, Altair, Edge Impulse, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Geotab, Plex Systems, and Huawei.

Chart 1: Tech Leaders to Watch in 2023

(Source: ABI Research)

Chart showcasing 40 tech companies to watch in 2023

While these tech companies were our overall leaders, there are many other firms mentioned in the whitepaper that are considered top innovators and top implementers. Other companies you will read about in the whitepaper include:

2023 promises to be a year of challenges and transformation on the technology front that is ripe for innovation.

These are just a handful of the many tech companies to watch in 2023 so that you can see what your competitors are up to or identify which technology solutions are reliable.

To find out why these companies landed at the top of ABI Research’s competitive rankings, download the 40 Technology Companies To Watch In 2023 whitepaper today!

Downloads the whitepaper to see 40 tech companies you should be watching in 2023

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