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Altair has more than 30 years of experience collecting and working with manufacturers’ data. Altair’s capabilities encompass IoT projects, High-Performance Computing (HPC), data analytics, PLM software, and digital twins.

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Altair was designated as the overall leader in ABI Research's Generative Design Software Suppliers competitive rankings. Altair’s large installed base and wide-ranging roster of partners mean that the firm is well placed as more designers and firms look to utilize generative design in their workflows.

A top implementer in Generative Design software, Altair has more than 10,000 customers across aerospace, automotive, industrial machinery, medical equipment, and sporting goods verticals that are using Altair’s generative design technology through the Altair licensing system (Altair Units). Altair generative design technologies can be rolled out globally and are available both directly from the firm and via channel partners. Altair’s channel strategy consists of resellers that provide routes into a wide variety of verticals (including automotive, aerospace, and chemicals).

Altair led the innovation rankings as the solutions from the company are able to handle both structured and unstructured data, including from databases like MongoDB. Having performed data cleaning processes, customers can use more than 250 modeling techniques to uncover reasons for anomalies and transfer findings to AR so that engineers and design teams can come to grips with the issues, often collaborating via digital twins.

Altair was named a Top Implementer in the Manufacturing Data Analytics competitive ranking as it is well placed to support technicians and operations staff around the world while supporting and scaling analytics projects. Altair’s data analytics solutions are available via multilingual interfaces, including Korean and Japanese. Customers can scale the solution across their manufacturing plants thanks to the company’s Partner Alliance, which includes many global SIs and leading technology firms. Customers can also maximize their investment by engaging with the Online Altair Academy .

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