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Siemens was named a leader in ABI Research's Manufacturing Execution System Software Suppliers competitive ranking. Siemens' significant customer base and deployment experience in all manufacturing verticals, combined with robust Information Technology (IT) integration capabilities, were among the company's biggest strengths. 

Siemens' extensive end-to-end Xcelerator portfolio, with its capacity to allow manufacturers to build a comprehensive digital thread, gave the company high marks for innovation. The excellent integration of these products allows for a continuous loop of optimization. Few others match this capability in the market. In addition, the company's low/no-code, drag-and-drop, UI, and software functionality is supported by the company's acquisition of Mendix, and is incredibly competitive with other low-code offerings in the market. Siemens also does an excellent job deploying its extensive functionality over the cloud. 

Siemens ranked first for implementation among Manufacturing Execution System Software Suppliers, as its Opcenter supports a wide range of manufacturing verticals, with industry templates provided that reflect the company's considerable experience in manufacturing. The MES is supported by excellent integration with both International Organization for Standardization (ISO)-95 levels 2 and 4, allowing customers to build a digital-enabled enterprise. Overall, Siemens received the maximum scores for implementation, except for bookings and customer base.

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