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Siemens is a multinational technology company focused on industry, infrastructure, transport, and healthcare. Siemens operates multiple divisions, including Digital Industries, Smart Infrastructure, Mobility, Healthineers, and Financial Services. Siemens headquarters is located in Germany, with operations in nearly 200 countries around the world.

Siemens Awards & Publications

Siemens ranked as the overall leader for PLC hardware and software vendors, positioned first for both innovation and implementation, due to the company’s significant customer base and deployment experience, strong holistic functionality in its software solution, the Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Portal, excellent low/no-code and simulation capabilities, and strong customizability of PLCs.

Siemens ranked first in innovation in this competitive ranking, due to the SIMATIC S7-1500 controller portfolio’s ability to be equipped with not only Intel processors, but also proprietary Siemens processors that are optimized to work effectively with Siemens equipment, providing an integration level completely unique to the market. Siemens’ full range of controller offerings have integrated failsafe capabilities, removing the need for customers to extend the functionality of their controllers with additional add-ons.

As an automation leader in implementation, Siemens provides manufacturers with PLC solutions that are adaptable to the given needs of different manufacturing verticals. The company lays out its organization and product development by vertical markets, tailoring solutions, and pre-developed code libraries "out of the box" to support the rapid development of specialized automation solutions.

Siemens was named as a Leader in ABI Research's competitive ranking of Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Software Suppliers. The company excelled in implementation and innovation thanks to its significant customer base and deployment experience in all manufacturing verticals, combined with strong Information Technology (IT) integration capabilities earned the company its top spot for implementation.

Siemens ranked first for implementation among Manufacturing Execution System Software Suppliers, as its Opcenter supports a wide range of manufacturing verticals, with industry templates provided that reflect the company's considerable experience in manufacturing. The MES is supported by excellent integration with both International Organization for Standardization (ISO)-95 levels 2 and 4, allowing customers to build a digital-enabled enterprise. Overall, Siemens received the maximum scores for implementation, except for bookings and customer base.

Siemens' extensive end-to-end Xcelerator portfolio, with its capacity to allow manufacturers to build a comprehensive digital thread, gave the company high marks for innovation. The excellent integration of these products allows for a continuous loop of optimization. Few others match this capability in the market. In addition, the company's low/no-code, drag-and-drop, UI, and software functionality is supported by the company's acquisition of Mendix, and is incredibly competitive with other low-code offerings in the market. Siemens also does an excellent job deploying its extensive functionality over the cloud. 

Siemens was named a leader in ABI Research's Manufacturing Execution System Software Suppliers competitive ranking. Siemens' significant customer base and deployment experience in all manufacturing verticals, combined with robust Information Technology (IT) integration capabilities, were among the company's biggest strengths. 

Siemens takes the top overall ranking in ABI Research's MCAD SaaS for Large Enterprises & Manufacturing at Scale competitive assessment. The company provides large manufacturers with offerings such as Solid Edge, NX, and NX X. Combined, these software solutions allow Siemens to offer a comprehensive CAD solution for both on-premises deployments and SaaS for large-scale manufacturers. Solid Edge, NX, and NX X are the top solutions in terms of CAD functionality, offering solutions for industries working with sheet metal design, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining, Three-Dimensional (3D) printing, and many more.

Siemens earned itself in a spot as a top innovator in ABI Research's MCAD SaaS for Large Enterprises & Manufacturing at Scale competitive assessment, thanks to ranking number two for innovative criteria. Only slightly trailing PTC, Siemens provides comparable service to that of Creo and Creo+ for CAD, extended functionality, and cloud capabilities. Solid Edge, NX, and NX X only fall short in regard to providing a native CAQ solution that is fully integrated into CAD solution offerings and not by Teamcenter extension.

Siemens rounds out the top three for implementation in the MCAD SaaS for Large Enterprises & Manufacturing at Scale competitive assessment, only narrowly losing out to Autodesk by 0.1%. The narrow (0.1%) margin that separates Siemens from Autodesk is attributed to overall market share, as more users opt for AutoCAD and Inventor. As suggested by the rankings, both software providers are neck and neck, with ease of use for new users of AutoCAD products providing a slightly higher rating. Solid Edge, NX, and NX X are attempting to overcome this gap with extensive training provided by Siemens to new users of CAD software.

In our Smart Building Management Platforms competitive ranking, Siemens was named a Top Innovator thanks to Siemens' commitment to the ongoing development and extension of Building X as a key vertical within its Xcelerator platform. The offering scored highly within the innovation category for its broad commercial building applicability, technical capabilities, and functional support. The efforts to build Building X as a marketplace for third-party innovation and integration result in a potentially strong and market-leading feature, but remains to be fully expanded and leveraged in the marketplace.

Siemens came out on top for implementation in the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)/Human-Machine Interface (HMI) Software Suppliers competitive ranking with its significant customer base and deployment experience across all manufacturing verticals, excellent integration with Siemens’ software, technology, and third-party offerings, zero-downtime deployment, and easy scalability for manufacturers.

Siemens leads the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)/Human-Machine Interface (HMI) Software Suppliers competitive ranking for the innovation criteria, with its success found in being able to offer deployments of WinCC Unified and WinCC V7/V8 in tandem, supporting manufacturers by creating strong Information Technology (IT)/Operational Technology (OT) convergence. WinCC Unified runs visualization automation software much closer to the hardware elements of manufacturers’ operations.

Siemens came out as the top overall vendor in the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)/Human-Machine Interface (HMI) Software Suppliers competitive ranking, positioned first for innovation and first for implementation. This is due to its significant customer base and deployment experience, excellent integration with Siemens technology and third-party offerings, zero-downtime deployment capability, innovative functionality, such as low/no-code, remote management of factory assets, and collaboration between WinCC Unified and WinCC V7/V8, with data exchange and joint user experiences between the two creating a comprehensive functionality base. Siemens does the most business in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) market, with both Asia-Pacific and North America representing smaller, yet still significant portions of sales

Siemens was names a Leader in ABI Research's competitive ranking of Supply Chain Control Towers. Siemens’ solution is delivering extensive network optimization and scenario analysis tools, alongside advanced execution capabilities to create resilient and proactive supply chains. Siemens is also greatly enhancing stakeholder engagement and enabling more real-time data feeds through its integration of a mobile app into the control tower.

ABI Research named Siemens a Top Innovator in our competitive ranking of Supply Chain Control Towers. Siemens control tower delivers extensive network optimization tools, proactive analysis for greater operational resilience, and well supported stakeholder collaboration.

As a Top Implementer in the Supply Chain Control Towers market, Siemens has key strategic partnerships and market-leading integration processes for users and stakeholders. Offering a flexible usage-based pricing model and the option of standardized product packages or customized solutions provides an accessible and scalable solution to organizations across multiple industry verticals.

Siemens ranked as a leader in ABI Research's Sustainability Assessment of Large Industrial Solution Providers. The company has demonstrated a commitment to be carbon neutral in its operations by 2030. In addition, Siemens ranked highly for its renewable energy use, robust waste and circularity programs, green buildings, EV transition of fleet vehicles, and its wide-scale implementation of digital automation products. Siemens’ DEGREE framework establishes a clear mission for the company as it addresses decarbonization, ethical practices, governance, resource management, equity, and employability

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