Mobile Ticketing: The Diversification Opportunity

ABI Research’s Mobile Ticketing Diversification Opportunity report outlines the future of mobile ticketing and the opportunities which can be enabled.
Moving from traditional contactless smart card form factors to feature rich devices, including mobile and wearables, will provide the path from which to extend reach, improve B2C communication channels, provide a platform from which to enter new markets and established new strategic partnerships as well as a central integral piece able to unlock the wider IoT adjacencies opportunity. In turn, this has paved the way for some of the leading mobile payment providers, Apple, Google, and Samsung, to aggressively target the mobile ticketing space, with analysis provided pertaining to the reasons why drivers and end goals of these leading mobile payment service providers.  
The content is provided in a quick and easily-digestible report to offer in-depth knowledge of the latest mobile ticketing market trends, alongside future expectations, accompanied by a set of recommendations to help put strategic decisions into context.
Table of Contents:
Smart Card Adoption Continues to Rise
Multiple Technologies, Medias, Models, Commuter, and Ticketing Types
No One-Size-Fits-All Approach
ABT and Agnostic Approach Signals Ticketing Media Coexistence
What’s Driving the Shift to Mobile and Form Factors?
OEMs Leading the Way in Mobile Payments
Mobile Requires Multi-Form Factor and Partnership Support
New Ticketing Medias: Adding Value via Personalization in Order to Diversify
IoT Market Adjacencies: Expanding beyond Ticketing 
Ticketing Authentication/Facilitating a Payment Is Not Enough
Ecosystem Perception: What the Value Chain Thinks
Conclusions and Recommendations


Companies Mentioned