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Seeq develops software that accelerates industrial process analytics on manufacturing data. Its solutions are used across several sectors, including pharmaceutical, energy and utilities, oil & gas, and the IoT. Seeq software operates on dedicated servers, virtual machines, or server clusters. It was founded in Seattle in 2013.

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Seeq was recognized as a leader in the Manufacturing Data Analytics competitive ranking. The company’s solutions include Seeq Workbench to clean the data and perform a broad range of analyses, Seeq Organizer to publish insights, and Seeq Data Lab to enable ad hoc scripting and a platform for secure access to multiple data sources and centralized services. Customers can quickly come to grips with the Seeq solutions thanks to multilingual interfaces, a partner network, and templates designed to support individual use cases

Seeq is a Top Innovator among Manufacturing Data Analytics vendors. Data cleaning and the ability to provide context to the time series data, as well as the capability to use third-party or in-house algorithms means that Seeq can provide a compelling proposition to process manufacturers.

Seeq was recognized as a Manufacturing Data Analytics Top Implementer due to its large installed base and wide-ranging roster of partners. Furthermore, the multilingual interfaces (English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese) and templates for individual use cases support scaling the solutions across manufacturing plants.

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