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Teradyne delivers manufacturing test automation solutions. It operates across markets through four primary segments: semiconductor test, industrial automation, system test, and wireless test. Notable customers include Intel, Samsung, IBM, and Qualcomm.

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Teradyne was named a leader in the ABI Research Autonomous Forklift System Vendors competitive ranking. Teradyne offers a wide range of collaborative and mobile robotics solutions, namely collaborative robotics arms from UR and mobile robots from MiR and AutoGuide. Teradyne acquired AutoGuide in 2019 and fully integrated AutoGuide into MiR in 2022 (collectively known as MiR from now on). Through its twin acquisitions, Teradyne has both flexible “mouse” type under-ride systems and heavier payload pallet stackers and tuggers.

Teradyne was named a Top Implementer among Autonomous Forklift System Vendors. Teradyne’s acquisition and integration of AutoGuide allow the company to continue its dominance in the wider AMR space In addition, MiR continues to enjoy a high brand awareness and recognition in the industrial automation space, making Teradyne a market leader

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