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Seegrid is American material equipment handling company that combines Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) and enterprise software to produce material handling automation solutions. Seegrid’s offerings include solutions for warehousing, manufacturing, and logistics.

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Seegrid was recognized as a leader in our Autonomous Forklift System Vendors competitive ranking. The company has been developing the navigation stack for an autonomous forklift for 16 years. With the company feeling momentum following recent years of solid growth, Seegrid is one of the world’s most prominent autonomous forklift developers, offering an autonomous counterbalance stacker and an autonomous pallet truck.

Seegrid was named a Top Implementer in ABI Research's Autonomous Forklift System Vendors competitive ranking. Seegrid is a formidable player in the autonomous forklift space. Seegrid’s continual focus on heavy load material handling enables the company to differentiate itself from the market The company is expected to continue developing its navigation stack expertise and expand its portfolio to handle more heavy load tasks.

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