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HPE was named a Top Innovator in ABI Research's System Integrators' Private 5G competitive ranking, recognized for its involvement in public networks (CSP operated), which allows it to actively communicate using a dedicated network slice from a public network for enterprise connectivity needs. Therefore, it is one of the few SIs that supports all different deployment models for private cellular networks . Furthermore, its ability to design its own network components gives HPE the opportunity to embed relevant security provision features into each of the components directly .

HPE was recognized as a Top Implementer in our System Integrators' Private 5G competitive rankings, possessing a particularly strong ecosystem reach with a growing number of partnerships across different domains —importantly, this spans well beyond the traditional telco world. Furthermore, relying on its own networking components makes it easy to adjust each component within its solution, so that the ultimate deployment at an implementing enterprise site will be particularly smooth .

HPE was labeled the Overall Leader in ABI Research's System Integrators' Private 5G competitive ranking, with the company placing first in both implementation and innovation out of the twelve companies we assessed.

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