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Mavenir, a U.S.-based company, offers E2E cloud-native software and hardware solutions with a comprehensive portfolio covering core, edge and RAN platforms.

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ABI Research ranked Mavenir as the Overall Leader in our Open RAN Vendor Assessment. Mavenir’s Open vRAN is a fully O-RAN Alliance-compliant, microservices-based solution designed to work with open interfaces supporting both Open RAN split 7-2x and split 2 options. The disaggregated DU and CU work as containerized Network Functions (NFs) that run on COTS hardware.

Mavenir was ranked as a Top Innovator in the Open RAN space Mavenir’s open Virtualized RAN (vRAN) is fully virtualized, and an O-RAN Alliance-compliant solution designed to support Open RAN Functional Split (FS) options. Mavenir’s OpenBeam mMIMO portfolio supports both The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) and O-RAN Alliance-compliant radios. Furthermore, Mavenir is very active in accelerating its Open RAN ecosystem and partnering with all major telecoms industry partners to accelerate the Open RAN deployments globally.

Mavenir ranked as a Top Implementer among Open RAN vendors. In 2023, Mavenir announced the completion of multiple trials and several partnerships with CSPs, cloud providers, and chipset vendors. Mavenir is also expanding its geographical coverage by helping major mobile operators with Open RAN deployment. Furthermore, Mavenir’s partner ecosystem is quite broad and Mavenir is collaborating with cloud providers, chipset vendors, mobile vendors, and operators to perform Open RAN integration and interoperability testing.

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