Generative Design Vendors Competitive Assessment Image

Generative Design Vendors Competitive Assessment


With generative design vendors evolving from providing inspirational designs to manufacturable designs, the need for assessing, comparing, and ranking the products on the market has arisen to recognize benchmarks for the best technology and most successful deployment approaches. In turn, this detailed ranking can provide strategic guidance for vendors to adjust and/or optimize their strategies. The Generative Design Vendor Ranking competitive assessment ranked 9 major vendors of the technology: ANSYS, Altair, Autodesk, Dassault Systèmes, GRM Consulting, ParaMatters, PTC, nTopology, and Siemens, based on ABI Research's proven unbiased innovation/implementation criteria framework.

To qualify as a generative design software vendor, a company had to have software on the market that creates component and/or product designs according to users’ objectives or constraints in an iterative process. Each vendor was analyzed according to its innovation, out-of-the-box thinking, and plans to deploy and support different aspects of generative design such as design objectives & constraints, feedback loops, iteration/variation management, material science, process adaptability, and product design applications. In terms of implementation, ABI Research assessed the vendors on current costs & business models, educational initiatives & value-add services, regional coverage, tool chain integration, number of users/seat holders, and the variety of use cases. Each vendors was then ranked as a Leader, Follower, or Laggard.