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IDEMIA Overview

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IDEMIA is a French technology company that provides ID-related security like facial recognition and biometric identification software. IDEMIA’s customers range from private companies to government agencies. It offers secure ID issuance, ID management systems, document and enrollment solutions, and more.

IDEMIA Awards & Publications

IDEMIA earned its spot as a top innovator in the Automated Border Control Systems competitive ranking due to the company's ability to provide market-leading offerings that relate to biometrics, having the greatest flexibility in catering to specialized designs/ implementations, and maintaining a high Research & Development capacity.

IDEMIA was an overall leader in the Automated Border Control System competitive ranking. This is mostly due to IDEMIA’s leading biometric performance and capabilities, offering both best-in-class algorithm accuracy and holding the market’s only contactless fingerprint solution, while having the capacity to meet more specialized and niche demands.

IDEMIA was ranked as a Top Implementer in ABI Research's Automated Border Control Systems competitive ranking. The company received high marks for its global reach, breadth and depth of solutions, integrative capacity, and operational smoothness.

IDEMIA is a Leader in ABI Research's competitive ranking of Metal Payment Cards providers. All of IDEMIA’s metal payment cards offer at least the mandated 3 to 5 years in the field, which is an industry standard. IDEMIA’s metal payment card offerings have an exposed plastic surface and stainless metal, which ensures the highest durability. The new Ultimate Metal Art range also includes tungsten.

IDEMIA is a Top Implementer in the Metal Payment Cards Market. The company has a very strong global presence and a wide range of in-house developed metal payment cards. IDEMIA supplies a wide range of banks around the world with its metal card solutions and has secured a strong market share position for both traditional payment cards and metal payment cards.

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