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Headquartered in San Jose, California, Cisco designs and sells a broad range of technologies that power Internet networks and security. Cisco markets itself as a provider of enhanced security for its customers’ digital businesses. This includes a wide array of technologies, including Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) and Internet of Things (IoT) edge platforms, ML, and advanced analytics to operate and enhance network capabilities.

Cisco Awards & Publications

Cisco was assessed as a leader in ABI Research's Enterprise Wi-Fi and WLAN Vendors competitive ranking. Cisco has demonstrated significant technological innovation, including the advanced analytics, automation, and security features of Cisco’s network management platforms, the Cisco DNA Center and Meraki Dashboard. The company also has the largest enterprise vendor both in terms of shipments a broad range of strategic partnerships, and strong investments to support business partners globally.

Cisco is a Top Implementer in the Industrial Firewalls For OT/IT Security market. Given its strong revenue, Cisco earned high scores in financial and organizational maturity. Cisco’s variety of firewalls and its rugged industrial series mean it also ranks high for its firewall portfolio. The company's SA-3000 solution is at a mid-range price point and is a good option for those industrial organizations that need an industrial-focused firewall system with out-of-the-box configuration and the ability to track suspect files and abnormal traffic patterns within a single device

Cisco was recognized as a Leader in ABI Research's Industrial Firewalls For OT/IT Security competitive ranking. As a Leader, Cisco delivers highly innovative and capable firewall offerings, and the company demonstrates high market share and robust financial health in relation to their physical firewall offerings. Cisco also offers ruggedized options for extreme industrial environments.

Cisco is a Top Innovator in the Industrial Firewalls For OT/IT Security market. Cisco scored highly in capabilities, technical features, and management console.

Cisco was named the Overall Leader in ABI Research's WLAN for Campus Area Networks competitive ranking. Cisco’s successful implementation has helped it attain a 28.5% market share, and the company’s comprehensive range of WLAN equipment, industry-leading technology, advanced network management platforms, and robust partner network has helped it remain competitive in all campus verticals.

ABI Research named Cisco a Top Innovator among WLAN for Campus Area Networks providers. Cisco not only exerts a major influence on the direction of WLAN technological development, but has also introduced into its portfolio numerous unique innovations that have brought considerable performance improvements to WLANs in campus. Cisco also maintains highly advanced network management platforms, for which a plethora of integrations and additional services targeted at campus environments are available.

Cisco is a Top Implementer in the WLAN for Campus Area Networks space. In recent years, Cisco has invested heavily to improve the implementation for its customers. One aspect of this is the development of numerous features to simplify and streamline deployment, such as enabling APs to be pre-programmed via the cloud before an event and using a combination of Fine Timing Measurement (FTM) and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) for automatic AP self-location.

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