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Smart Street Lighting Platforms


Actionable Benefits

  • Allows municipalities and utilities to understand the benefits of integrating smart controls into their streetlighting infrastructures and which vendors are able to offer solutions and platforms to address these needs.
  • Understand the competitive landscape in the smart streetlighting market and to be able to gain insight as to which type of platform would be best suited for the customer.
  • Enables smart streetlight vendors to refine their product portfolio so that they can continue to be competitive within the market.

Critical Questions Answered

  • Which regions are considered the significant opportunities for growth within the market?
  • What differentiates the market players?
  • What are municipalities and utilities key benefits to integrating smart streetlighting controls into their infrastructures?

Research Highlights

  • A breakdown of the forecasted growth for smart streetlights by connectivity type, with examples of both future and past projects that have taken place.
  • An insight as to what the impact of COVID-19 is on the smart streetlighting market to the current date.
  • Key summaries of the strengths and weaknesses of smart streetlight controller and platform vendors.

Who Should Read This?

  • Municipalities and utilities that are looking to integrate smart controls into their streetlighting infrastructure.
  • Smart streetlighting vendors who wish to view how what their platform offers in comparison to their competitors.

Table of Contents



2.1. Development Overview
2.2. Drivers and Inhibitors


3.1. North America
3.2. Latin America
3.3. Europe
3.4. Asia Pacific
3.5. Middle East & Africa


4.1. Telensa
4.2. Signify
4.3. Itron
4.4. CIMCON Lighting
4.5. Flashnet
4.6. Ubicquia
4.7. Cisco
4.8. DimOnOff