All 5G Research Services

ABI Research's 5G research provides a 360-degree view of 5G technologies and markets, with end-to-end technology, business, and opportunity analysis for 5G implementations across various verticals. We help enterprises identify optimal 5G implementations that can help them automate, mobilize, and digitize their operations cost effectively. We also provide the technology supply chain with unbiased analysis of the end-markets requirements to help them identify and grasp the real opportunities across various industries.

Research Services

5G Core & Edge Networks
ABI Researchs 5G Core & Edge Networks coverage provides guidance and insight into the digital transformation journey, cloud computing, network monetization through analytics, agile service delivery platforms, and ICT infrastructure.
5G Devices, Smartphones & Wearables
This service focuses on technologies related to end devices and terminals, with particular attention paid to those related to 5G. Typical devices studied include smartphones, wearables, mobile broadband modems, tablets, always-connected personal computers, fixed wireless products, mobile accessories, new device form factors, and a number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. It provides invaluable research and data synergies spanning these major sectors, including chipsets, modems, Radio Frequency Front End (RFFE), and integral ecosystem analyses.
5G Markets
ABI Research's 5G Markets service covers enterprise vertical use cases and how 5G will be implemented in these markets, and what key pain points the technology will address. Beyond the technology alone, our research sheds light on business and strategy issues for these specific verticals, including productivity, ROI, operation efficiency, reliability required and data privacy.
5G & Mobile Network Infrastructure
ABI Research’s 5G and Mobile Network Infrastructure market intelligence delivers end-to-end coverage on access networks and enabling technologies, as well as the data traffic flowing across these networks.