AWS IoT TwinMaker: AWS’s Solution for Simplifying Digital Twins Construction

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By Michael Larner | 4Q 2021 | IN-6376


Removing Avoidable Bottlenecks


AWS announced at the company’s re:Invent conference on November 30 the release of AWS Internet of Things (IoT) TwinMaker, a solution that helps manufacturers and industrial firms reduce the time needed to create digital replicas of their machines, production lines, or entire facilities.

The potential for digital twins is resonating with firms. The aim of AWS IoT TwinMaker is to help companies avoid getting bogged down in tasks such as extracting and making sense of data from disparate assets.

Embedding Digital Twins in Day-to Day Workflows


A digital twin not only is a virtual representation of a machine or production line but also is a dynamic tool that can receive real-time data to help firms monitor the current condition of their machines, perform predictive maintenance, or optimize their production lines. For example, developers can combine video feeds and historic information to develop a digital twin that alerts operators not only about anomolies but also if a threshold has been breached so that companies can …

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