Michael Larner

Research Focus

Michael Larner, Principal Analyst, is part of ABI Research’s End Markets Team tracking the development and adoption of emerging technologies within the context of smart manufacturing and industrial solutions. Michael’s research focuses on automated material handling, robotics, AI, digital workforce enablement, connectivity technologies on the factory floor as well as the IoT in warehouses and factories.

Past Experience

Prior to joining ABI Research, Michael was an Independent Market Analyst and delivered reports and consulting projects on behalf of, among others, GlobalData, IDC, IHS Markit, Informa, Juniper Research, Machina Research, and Ovum. During this time, he led various research projects providing bespoke and omnibus online surveys using Qualtrics (covering topics such as current thinking among senior civil servants around digital transformation and the adoption of AI in the NHS), developing persona profiles of mobile device users in UK police forces, and working alongside Management teams to deliver quantifiable insights into adoption rates, addressable markets, and sales enablement.

Michael has covered numerous vertical markets including automotive, healthcare, media, public sector, smart cities and technologies such as ADAS systems, chatbots, cybersecurity, Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, mobile app development platforms, and robotics.


Michael is a graduate of Sheffield Hallam University when he received a BA (Hons) in International Business.  He also holds an Msc International Marketing from Strathclyde University.

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