The Use Case of Cognitive Systems in Collaborative Robotics

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Publish Date: 18 Jun 2018
Code: AN-2788
Research Type: Research Report
Pages: 31
The Use Case of Cognitive Systems in Collaborative Robotics

Collaborative robots are becoming increasingly popular within the manufacturing and logistics markets. In a concomitant trend, capabilities developed out of cognitive systems are increasingly being deployed in the robotics space, and offer both vendors and end-users to significantly increase the utility of collaborative robots. This report defines cognitive systems, highlights their potential uses, and how they intersect with the promise of the collaborative robotics space. The report will provide an overview of the collaborative market, focusing on vendors and market forecasts. The central part of the report will focus on outlining 10 key use-cases related to the intersection of collaborative robots and cognitive systems, with examples given in each case.

Recommendations concerning the intersection of cognitive systems and collaborative robotics are provided in the report to robotic vendors, as well as end-users, regarding their development, sales, and use. This report is a key supplementary report to ABI Research’s Commercial and Collaborative Robotics market data.