Three Predictions for Mobile Robotics in 2020

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1Q 2020 | IN-5712


Vision-Based Perception to Hit Thousands of Deployments


Most ground-based mobile robots are either Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) or rely on sensor fusion solutions to navigate—usually a mixture of Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) and cameras. Despite the benefits of LiDAR in providing greater technical redundancy, it suffers from several challenges, including confusion with uneven floors and poor indoor/outdoor transitioning, map maintenance, and performance in challenging environments. A further difficulty is their expense. While some argue that the cost reductions of recent years are making LiDAR more desirable, there is an alternative for well-lit environments. Vision-based perception, with the use of advanced machine vision, has become increasingly popularized.

Seegrid, an autonomous forklift manufacturer and early adopter for stereoscopic vision-based perception, is managing close to 1,000 unmanned forklifts and pallet stackers across the United States. Croatia-based Gideon Brothers is ramping up its own deployments with vision-based perception for material handling in industry. Perhaps most import…

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