4 Market Research Case Studies Highlighting Our Technology Intelligence Expertise

Market research goes hand-in-hand with maximizing profits at a business enterprise. Whether you’re a vendor or an enterprise implementer of a new technology, in-depth, data-backed intelligence can safely guide your organization toward sustained success. Technology research deliverables identify potential roadblocks and lucrative revenue opportunities for organizations, while giving you a reliable partner to consult with when questions about your respective market inevitably arise. Take, for example, the technology market research case studies we recently compiled, showcasing how our forward-looking methodologies help some of our biggest clients with their digitization journeys. In this blog post, let’s review four of these case studies to give you a better idea of what kind of results you can expect from ABI Research as a technology intelligence partner.

Case Study #1

Our first market research case study comes from a cellular technology leader across mobile, fixed, and cloud networks. Through our market intelligence, we helped the company’s strategic Enterprise Business Group develop a comprehensive program that educates manufacturing and logistics firms on 1) ongoing digital transformation challenges and 2) how cellular connectivity can solve those challenges by integrating with the client’s technology stacks.

To be more specific, our research and guidance allowed the client to do the following:

  • Identify the business opportunities and Total Addressable Market (TAM).
  • Ascertain who the key decision makers are at manufacturing firms regarding digital transformation strategies.
  • Develop thought leadership content that helps drive demand and attract new customers.

Ultimately, our collaboration with the client resulted in accurate market sizing, improved brand credibility, increased revenue, and a broader and more consistent presence within the manufacturing sector.

Case Study #2

On behalf of a global wireless technology, semiconductor, and software company, ABI Research developed a market data tracker focused on Internet of Things (IoT) shipments and revenue. These data were summarized by more than a million rows of data. Moreover, the IoT tracker used the client’s internal definitions of various market segments.

The 10-year annual forecasts, which included historical market data, were deconstructed over the following criteria:

  • 13 technology segments
  • 51 applications
  • 12 application categories
  • 10 geographic regions

Included in the market forecasts were market share actuals for module vendor, mobile broadband, and Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) Customer Premises Equipment (CPE). These forecasts were provided on an annual basis with quarterly updates.

Our IoT market data tracker has enabled the client to make better business plans every year because it accurately forecasts demand for specific technology products in different regions and evaluates the competitive landscape. While the market research deliverables were intended for the company’s market analysis executives, employees across the company have also benefited from using the resource.

Case Study #3

For the next market research case study, an international device manufacturer, telecommunications provider, and technology company came to us to educate 5G-to-Business (5GtoB) market players on the competitive landscape and the overall revenue opportunities associated with 5G enterprise.

Working with the client’s strategic business group, ABI Research achieved this goal by developing an in-depth report on end-market distribution and optimization, market outlook dynamics, and market sizing divided by key geographic regions.

With this market research deliverable, the company gained a better understanding of the immense potential of bringing 5G services to the modern enterprise and business sector.  

Case Study #4

Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (MassTech) is a public agency tasked with stimulating business growth for tech companies operating in the state. MassTech consulted ABI Research to help educate its board members on how best to approach robotics adoption.

To do this, we executed a robotics ecosystem innovation study, which identified ecosystem indicators that were statistically measurable on an ongoing basis. Our eight-step process is listed below.

  1. Provide a taxonomic framework for understanding and evaluating ecosystem status indicators.
  2. Analyze, describe, and size the current global robotics and intelligent systems sector.
  3. Analyze, describe, and size the existing Massachusetts robotics ecosystem.
  4. Identify and rank market opportunities for the Massachusetts robotics sector.
  5. Identify and describe public sector initiatives for driving robotics innovation.
  6. Provide recommendations and action items for public sector initiatives for robotics business innovation.
  7. Develop implementation and evaluation methodology for robotics business innovation efforts.
  8. Establish a study advisory board.

ABI Research presented its findings to select board members at MassTech, which included members of the governor’s economic development agency, as well as representatives from Amazon Robotics, Google Robotics, Raytheon, and more. The result of this market research was that MassTech developed a strategy to grow the commonwealth’s robotics cluster with new initiatives and programs.

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As these case studies demonstrate, ABI Research is a proven market research provider that can educate stakeholders, drive new sales, enhance service offerings, improve product portfolios, and assess the competitive landscape. If you’re already an ABI Research email subscriber, then you already receive free educational content on your technology focus area(s). Maybe it’s a blog post delving into a specific tech topic, an interactive chart forecasting product demand, a Research Highlight providing strategic recommendations, or a news-centric ABI Insight from one of our analysts. These free resources are just a drop in the bucket of all the technological research we provide through a subscription-based Research Service or purchasing a Research Spotlight, with the latter covering a specific technology niche you care about the most.

However, our application analysis research reports, market data forecasts, and competitive rankings go far beyond our free resources by giving you the full-fledged technological overview your organization seeks. That way, you can make sound business decisions knowing you have factored in the full picture. Read the rest of our technology market research case studies by downloading the free whitepaper.

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