The Sprint HTC EVO 4G Smartphone - Everyday Battery Life

I've had my Sprint EVO for nearly a week and one thing that has been lurking in the back of my mind is how the EVO will do in terms of battery life. Some early reviewers have said that things are a bit thin in this regard but obviously I need to find out for myself.

First, let's set some ground rules. I am not a person who spends six hours a day streaming video over 4G. My typical daily usage includes about 20-30 minutes of phone calls, lots of checking of my Outlook email and Calendar plus sending an email or two, a bit of messaging and reading about 15 minutes of news. With all this I don't think that I am too untypical of many business users.

Under the above scenario I have found that my EVO will run all day without issue and have some left for the next day as well. I typically charge my smartphones daily so I don't often run a battery into the ground. The EVO has a pretty large battery (1500 Ma) to go along with its many features and large screen. For everyday use, I would classify the EVO as slightly better than most other smartphones I have used and certainly not worse. My negative dividing line on battery life is if I have to make a mid-day charging session. I have found it not necessary under my operating conditions with the EVO.

Now, this does not mean that I will never stream video, take HD movies or turn on 4G but that will undoubtedly come later and I will see how things fare then.