Generative Design Market Tracker

Price: Starting at USD 7,500
Publish Date: 21 Dec 2018
Code: MD-GDM-101
Research Type: Market Data
Generative Design Market Tracker

Market Data Issue: MD-GDM-101 | Published: 21 Dec 2018


Engineers in regions around the world have started to discover how generative design tools can boost their productivity and help them get to better final designs faster. The big CAD vendors have captured most of the early market share but have barely tapped into the total potential global market.

As more industries adopt additive manufacturing technologies, they will adopt generative design tools to go with them as additive provides greater build freedom to fulfill a wider variety of designs. These tools will enable the design of lighter, cheaper components while maintaining strength and solidity, ultimately creating higher quality products. Generative design creates, or generates, many iterations, variations or alternative designs based on engineers’ requirements for them to compare.

At this time, only developed countries and China have any significant number of users of the technology, and this will remain the case for the foreseeable future simply because developing nations still rely on cheaper labor and manual processes more than software and automation. In ABI Research’s Generative Design Data, we forecast the number of seats/licenses/subscriptions and the revenue of software with generative design tools in the four leading industries for adoption and additionally segment by country. We also provide a market share breakdown for 2018 segmented by region and industry.


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