Virtual Reality Training and Education Seeing Resurgence as Enterprise Success Translates to Other Markets

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By Eric Abbruzzese | 2Q 2022 | IN-6579


Background Success Coming to the Forefront


Over the past few years, enterprises have been investing in Virtual Reality (VR) headsets for a number of use cases, predominantly for training and simulation. In a similar vein, educational content has been building momentum, promising similar benefits to enterprise training for users including improved content retention and recall, easy content updates and adjustments, and positive user sentiment versus existing content types. A few examples of training at large scale have been seen, especially with Walmart using VR for retail training, but there have not been many other examples at a scale of tens of thousands of users.

The tides are beginning to shift here, with more companies and content houses turning to VR as a valuable tool and end user device to target. Sports training has been showcased at scale in the English Premier League, where reportedly over half of the teams are using VR training. Police training is growing in footprint as well, with forces from Washington and Arizona in the United States adopting VR for training. South Dakota State University is building …

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