Landing AI Provides Manufacturers with an Improved Lens on Their Production Lines

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By Michael Larner | 3Q 2021 | IN-6261


Ensuring Quality Levels with LandingLens


Landing AI works with manufacturers to improve quality levels by applying AI and Machine Learning (ML) to inspection processes. The company was founded by Dr. Andrew NG, who previously co-founded Coursera, was founding lead at Google Brain, and also was Chief Scientist at Baidu.

The company’s visual inspection software platform, LandingLens, is currently being used to, among other things, inspect wafers in semiconductor fabrication plants, the soldering quality of components on electronics production lines, vials of pharmaceuticals passing along a production, and to help pharma manufacturers achieve CFR 2.11 (which validates that medical products are fit for use).

Pressure on manufacturers to meet deadlines turns attention to increasing a production line’s yield. An inspection process that involves inspecting a small number of items or relying on staff who can be fatigued and therefore cannot ensure consistent approach to fault identification has its limitations. With AI-based machine vision, those staff members can instead be deployed to train the software ra…

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