Understanding Your Products, Clients, Markets, and Risk Factors Key to Unlocking the Metal Payment Card Opportunity

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By Phil Sealy | 2Q 2021 | IN-6174


Metal Payment Cards are Here to Stay


The use of metal as a card construction material within the payment cards market has had a place in the market for just over 20 years. During that time, metal card issuance had been largely targeted toward Tier One, high-end, and High Net Worth (HNW) banking clients within the United States, significantly limiting issuance numbers, with little to no use outside of the United States.

Today, the banking landscape continues to change and evolve, driven by traditional banks looking to differentiate and continue competing against their traditional incumbent banks, alongside the rise of neo/challenger banks, which has brought a new dimension to the banking landscape. Neo and challenger banks are challenging the status quo by combining a largely digital first approach, underpinned by a vast array of loyalty perks, paired with a physical card. In turn, the rise of Neo/Challenger banks has created a resurgent interest and subsequent increased issuance of metal variant payment card bodies.

Metal is now being used by banks, financial institutions, neo/challenger banks, and technology Or…

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