Does Closed Loop Have a Future as PTOs Look to Open Ticketing Systems?

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By Sam Gazeley | 1Q 2021 | IN-6089


Looking to TfL to Light the Way


The transport ticketing market is seeing a gradual upheaval of long-standing technologies and proprietary systems in favor of an open model, placing the end user’s convenience and choice as a priority. However, rollout of closed-loop systems are still very much underway in cities across the globe. So, is it the end of the line for the closed-loop card, or is it full-steam ahead in another closed format?

Transformative technologies—such as acceptance of contactless payment cards at transit gates and shifting fare calculation and account management to the back office through account-based ticketing—are seeing a swift uptake in many developed Western urban transport networks. The global COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it varying degrees of social-distancing requirements and lockdowns, making mass transit with its high-density format and close proximity to others a no-go for governments looking to reduce transmission rates at the cost of economic growth. Vastly reduced services and a plummet in ridership has provided Public Transport Operators (PTOs) across the globe…

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