Facebook Connect 7 Highlights: AR Focused

by Eleftheria Kouri | 4Q 2020 | IN-5957
At this year’s Facebook Connect annual conference, the company made several announcements regarding its latest plans and progress in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) strategy. The company announced the release of its next-generation VR device, the Oculus Quest 2, and some upcoming VR games (see the ABI Insight “NAB 2019, AV1, and the Future of Video Codecs” (IN-5492)). Regarding its AR division, Facebook not only announced upcoming updates for the Spark AR content creator tool—usable for both Messenger and Portal products—but also unveiled its plans for a research tool for AR glasses called Project Aria as well as upcoming AR Ray-Ban branded smartglasses that will be released in 2021.