NAB 2019, AV1, and the Future of Video Codecs

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By Michael Inouye | 2Q 2019 | IN-5492


NAB 2019: Less Talk around AV1 Than Expected, but More Optimism


Leading up to NAB 2019 there was mounting hype around AOMedia Video 1 (AV1), including announcements from Samsung and Intel—Samsung joined the Alliance for Open Media, and Intel along with Netflix announced Scalable Video Technology for AV1 (SVT-AV1). This was in contrast to NAB 2018 where most companies had ascribed to a wait-and-see viewpoint for AV1. Although general consensus was cautiously optimistic, many suspected it would be difficult for AV1 to supplant MPEG in the premium video space. Before discussing what changed in one year, it’s important to discuss how the market arrived at this potential crossroads.   

The Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia)—launched by Google, Amazon, Cisco, Microsoft, Mozilla, and Netflix—now lists other heavy hitters among its “founding members,” including Apple, ARM, Facebook, IBM, Intel, NVIDIA, and now Samsung. These companies comprise the most significant players within the mobile, computing, and social media markets. They have led some to believe tha‚Ķ

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