Robotics: Investments, Acquisitions, and Market Trends for 2019 Image

Robotics: Investments, Acquisitions, and Market Trends for 2019


Actionable Benefits

  • Serve as a support or reference for internal investment in robotics technology.
  • Identify the right trends for R&D and commercial deployment.
  • Educate internal stakeholders on the latest development in robotics industry.

Critical Questions Answered

  • What are most attractive applications for Robotics?
  • Who is investing in and acquiring robotics companies?
  • Who are the most well-funded robotics vendors?

Research Highlights

  • Acquisition data to compliment investment analysis.
  • Early analysis of 2020 investments.
  • Breakdown of robotics investment in 2019 by company types and sectors.

Who Should Read This?

  • Innovation and marketing leaders promoting robotics within their company.
  • Robotics vendors looking to understand the best use-cases to raise funds.
  • Investors looking to separate reality from hype in the robotics industry.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary: Key Points for the Robotics Industry


Investments and Acquisitions

Funding Breakdown

Geography Breakdown

U.S. State Breakdown

Industry Breakdown

Product and Service Breakdown

Investors of Note

Market Trends

Early Activity in 2020

Key Takeaways

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