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Vision-Box is a leading global provider of biometric solution. The company partners with airports, airlines, governments, and private entities to provide critical security and identification solutions.

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Vision-Box ranked was named a leader in the Automated Border Control Systems competitive ranking, being third place in both implementation and innovation. As the original turnkey eGate provider, Vision-Box remains strongly positioned, with a wide global reach and top product portfolio, only falling short of IDEMIA and Thales given some operational shortcomings, alongside lacking the global standing and financial power of those ranked above it.

Vision-Box is a Top Implementer of Automated Border Control Systems. The company scored well for its global reach, breadth and depth of solutions, and integrative capacity.

Vision-Box was named a Leader in ABI Research's Automated Border Control Systems competitive ranking. The company had strong scores in biometric flexibility, biometric performance, and innovation and specialized offerings.

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