Industrial Robotics for Material Handling Competitive Ranking Image

Industrial Robotics for Material Handling Competitive Ranking


Actionable Benefits

  • Understand the differences between the 10 leaders in automated material handling for the industrial space.
  • Key breakdown of competencies that define success in modern automated material handling; from advanced navigation, to charging solutions, to having a distributor network.
  • Identify key benefits and challenges faced by the individual companies.

Critical Questions Answered

  • Who are the most innovative automation vendors in material handling?
  • Which vendors have done the most to implement their solutions?
  • Who will lead the automated material handling market for the next 10 years?

Research Highlights

  • Granular analysis of 10 major AGV and AMR vendors.
  • Revenue and shipment data.
  • Analysis of underlying technologies for AGVs and AMRs; including vision, navigation, form factors, charging and software.

Who Should Read This?

  • Decision-makers within companies looking to automate their material handling processes.
  • Vendors for AGVs and AMRs who need to better understand their competition.
  • Third-party technology vendors in telco, cloud and AI who are considering partnerships.

Table of Contents

Industrial Robotics for Material Handling

Overall Competitive Rankings

Overall Ranking Matrix


Market Trends

Criteria and Methodology

Innovation Ranking

Implementation Ranking

Individual Company Assessments

Fetch Robotics
Gideon Brothers
IAM Robotics
Vecna Robotics
ForwardX Robotics