Media Releases

Oct. 2017

18 Oct 2017
On-Device Machine Learning Opportunity Sends Chipset Companies Searching for Gold at the End of the Rainbow
17 Oct 2017
MIMO is the Next Hero Technology for 4G Cellular Networks
16 Oct 2017
New Technologies Rapidly Advancing Commercial Transportation
12 Oct 2017
ABI Research Forecasts E-commerce Share of Total Retail Sales to Reach 25% by 2025
11 Oct 2017
Despite ongoing legal battles, Apple reinforces Qualcomm’s modem design leadership in new product line-up
10 Oct 2017
Despite Billion-Dollar Investments, Webscale Giants Still can’t conquer last-mile connectivity
05 Oct 2017
Virtual Reality in Medicine and Healthcare to Generate US$285 million in 2022
04 Oct 2017
Logistics Leading the way in Augmented Reality Usage and Adoption

Sept. 2017

27 Sep 2017
Enterprise Wearables Forecasted to Reach 118 Million Shipments in 2022
25 Sep 2017
Startups are the Rising Stars of 5G
21 Sep 2017
System Integrators Quickly Becoming the IoT Gatekeepers
20 Sep 2017
54% of Condition-based Monitoring Systems Will Feed into Digital Twins by 2026
19 Sep 2017
Data Security Concern is the Leading Barrier to Adopting Innovative Technologies among U.S.-Based Utility Firms
14 Sep 2017
Secure Standardization Efforts Slowly Emerging for Fragmented IoT Ecosystem
13 Sep 2017
Telco Cloud Startups go Head-to Head Against Major Infrastructure Vendors – And Win
12 Sep 2017
Next generation Virtual Reality Headsets Will Usher in a More Immersive Experience
07 Sep 2017
15 million Connected Disposable Medical Sensors to Ship by 2023
06 Sep 2017
New Device Releases Bolstering an Already Strong Enterprise and Consumer Hearables Market
05 Sep 2017
Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago are the Smartest Cities in North America

Aug. 2017

31 Aug 2017
Manufacturer Adoption of Collaborative Robots is Strong, Becoming More Aggressive in the Near Term
30 Aug 2017
A Glimpse into the Future of Wearable Healthcare: Going Way Beyond Smartwatches and Fitness Trackers
29 Aug 2017
All Eyes on India, the U.S. and China as the EMV Payment Cards Market Normalizes
24 Aug 2017
Mobile Players Leverage Smart Home Integration to Underpin their Long-Term Strategy
23 Aug 2017
Network Function Virtualization market in Asia Pacific to exceed US$9 billion in 2022
22 Aug 2017
IoT Data Exchanges Services Set to Transform IoT Landscape
16 Aug 2017
Virtual Reality has Strong Interest from U.S. Businesses
15 Aug 2017
ABI Research Survey Finds over 40% of Logistics Respondents View FaaS as a Key Transformational Trend
14 Aug 2017
High Resolution Displays Critical for Immersive Experience and Future Growth of VR HMDs
10 Aug 2017
ABI Research Forecasts Enterprise Wearables Will Top US$60 Billion in Revenue in 2022
09 Aug 2017
Virtual Reality Expected to Reach Over a Quarter of a Billion Users Worldwide by 2022
08 Aug 2017
Virtual Reality Will Usher in an Era of Interactive and Immersive Content
03 Aug 2017
Use of Autonomous Vehicles and Drones Expected to Rise in U.S. Transportation Industry
02 Aug 2017
Enterprise 3D Printing Strengthens Position in Aerospace and Looks Set to Expand into Other Industries Over Next Ten Years
01 Aug 2017
Survey Highlights SRW Deployment Challenges and Need for Greater Education in Emerging IoT Applications

July 2017

31 Jul 2017
Global SIM Card Shipments to Exceed 5.8 Billion in 2020, Despite Market Uncertainty
27 Jul 2017
Deployment of IoT Solutions within Manufacturing Organizations Expected to Nearly Double in the Next 12 Months
26 Jul 2017
Survey Finds 68% of Healthcare Respondents Not Familiar with Indoor Location Technologies
25 Jul 2017
Intelligent Industrial Pump Market Primed for Substantial Growth
20 Jul 2017
ABI Research Forecasts Video Services Analytics Solutions Will Grow to US$3.7 Billion in 2022
17 Jul 2017
US$2.9 Billion Market Opportunities for LTE Vendors in Mining Sector