Media Releases

July 2015

01 Jul 2015
Simplicity and Cost to Maintain Fieldbus Dominance Even as Industrial Ethernet Nodes Grow to 90 Million Opening New IoT Opportunities

June 2015

29 Jun 2015
Tablet Shipments Experience Largest Decline Since 2009 Category Inception
25 Jun 2015
LTE Capable Antennas Push the Market towards US$4 Billion in 2015
22 Jun 2015
Automotive Application Frameworks, OTA, Analytics, and IoE to Boost Uptake of Cloud-based Vehicle Platforms
19 Jun 2015
Intense Set-top Box Market Consolidation Not Over
19 Jun 2015
Worldwide Pay-TV Penetration to Exceed 50% in Next 2 Years
18 Jun 2015
Global 4G Data Traffic to Reach 224.7 Exabytes, 79% of the Total Data Consumption by 2020
12 Jun 2015
LTE Subscriber Base to Grow to 1.4 Billion Globally by Year-end 2015
11 Jun 2015
Demand Rising in Millimeter Waves Bands for Mobile Backhaul
09 Jun 2015
Collaborative Robotics Market Exceeds US$1 Billion by 2020
04 Jun 2015
IoT Integration Driving New Wave of Competition and Investment into the US$34 Billion Building Management Systems Market
03 Jun 2015
LTE Adoption to Drive Network Monitoring and Optimization Spend Past US$40 Billion
03 Jun 2015
M2M Cellular Module Vendors Compete on Volume as Sierra Wireless Still Leads the Pack in Revenues
02 Jun 2015
Smart Electricity Meters to Total 780 Million in 2020, Driven by China’s Roll-out
02 Jun 2015
SIM Card Shipments to Reach a Record 5.4 Billion in 2015, but Declining ASPs Force a Shift in Vendor Strategy
01 Jun 2015
China Drives RF Power Amplifier Sales for Wireless Infrastructure to Nearly US$5 Billion in 2014
01 Jun 2015
Global In-Building Off-load to Exceed 17 EB per Month—Critical Leverage for Mobile Broadband Operators

May 2015

29 May 2015
Gemalto Maintains its Top Ranking in ABI Research’s Payment & Banking Card Technologies Competitive Assessment
21 May 2015
Upsurge In Point of Sale Malware Threatens 51.2 Million Traditional POS Devices in Circulation
20 May 2015
Smart Home Security Land Grab will Drive Security Monitoring Services into 15 Million More U.S. Homes by 2020