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The banking population across the world is increasing year by year. Alongside an increasing banking population is the growing demand for smart payment cards and heightened security that comes in the form of the EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) standard.

Each year EMV migration grows, with more countries seeing the benefits that others have already experienced. Primarily adopted as a means of reducing fraud, the standard could one day become the first global "transparent" payment method.

Additionally contactless and mobile payments are now gaining traction. The infrastructure to support contactless payments is ever improving along with the installed base of both contactless cards and secure NFC-enabled devices. The majority of contactless applications again use the EMV standard, extending its portfolio of payment solutions to encourage digital payments over cash.

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mPOS Devices
Point of Sale Card Terminals
Payment and Banking Card Contactless Technologies
Smart Cards in North America
Smart Cards in Latin America
Global Payment Card Standards: EMV, PBOC 2.0, and Alternative Solutions


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