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ID and smart credentials hold the key for governments and healthcare organizations to better manage user data, provide better service, and also enable access to services in a more efficient way.  The shift from pure contact solutions to dual interface and pure contactless is underway in multiple end applications such as driver's licenses, healthcare documents, national ID cards, passports, and voting cards.

The migration to next generation microcontrollers, government specifications and mandates, multi-function documents, the incorporation of biometric information, and high-end feature sets are key criteria for vendors to remain competitive in increasingly competitive markets.

With governments moving to higher-end pure contactless and dual interface solutions it is imperative to understand the market, which solutions will succeed and those complementary added value services that vendors can offer to enhance existing product portfolios. The government ID market is becoming more competitive and keeping abreast of the latest trends in adoption will prove key to smart card, IC vendors and system integrators to ensure continued success.

Analysis & Data

Government ID Update & Future Opportunities
Standards and Initiatives for Secure Identity
Government and Healthcare Citizen ID Cards
Mobile Identity
Smart Cards in North America
Smart Cards in Latin America


Government and Healthcare ID Market Update: Full-year 2013
Datacard Acquisition of Entrust Brings Benefits to Both
Changing Emphasis of Smart Card Verticals

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