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ABI Research’s digital security research offers end-to-end coverage of the digital security ecosystem – from information and communication technologies to operational control process. This research is particularly salient to enterprises facing the growing proliferation of cyber threats, while also becoming increasingly connected, as in the convergence of IT and OT.

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Hot Tech Innovators: Blockchain Based Cybersecurity

This Hot Tech Innovators report covers 15 innovative startups in the blockchain space that offer a cybersecurity-focused solution, for both consumers and enterprise. Blockchain’s foundation on cryptography makes it an interesting technology for new cybersecurity applications as well as cryptocurrency and IoT. Most notably, the security solutions covered in this Hot Tech Innovators target identity, authentication, data protection, and secure communications. The solutions vary from private, permissioned blockchain platforms to hardware devices for securing cryptocurrencies.


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U.S. Contactless Payment Card Migration – The Question is not if, but How

3Q 2018

ABI Research recently published its latest edition of the market data Payment & Banking Card Technologies (MD-PBSC-20), a biannual report. The database contains detailed information regarding the installed base and shipments of payment cards broken down by product and technology type. It covers all regions and 30 individual countries.


eSIM Handsets – MNO Friend or Foe?

1Q 2018

The eSIM remains a hot topic and one which original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), mobile network operators (MNOs), smart card and secure IC vendors continue to explore, prepare and strategize. Today, the handset market has begun to move, driven by Google’s recently launched Pixel 2 handsets with eSIM inclusion, raising expectations that other OEMs will follow suit. In addition, the rise of the eSIM has raised fears that it may be used as a platform for OEMs to directly compete with its current MNO customer base, using the eSIM as a platform from which to launch MVNO services.

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Leveraging Blockchain for Industrial Manufacturing & Supply Chain Logistics

As an emergent technology, few have been as disruptive as blockchain in stirring up furor with regards to its transformative potential. With some hailing it as the next digital miracle, and others disdaining it as vaporware hype, the spectacular volatility of Bitcoin has only served to stoke the fires of debate. There is groundbreaking value in the emerging blockchain phenomena beyond cryptocurrencies, notably around manufacturing and supply chain logistics. Can blockchains be leveraged to reduce friction for faster and more efficient logistics in industrial manufacturing and supply? This webinar will seek to explore the applicability of blockchain to further the Industry 4.0 movement.

This webinar will address the following five questions:

  • How can blockchain be used in industrial applications?
  • What is the potential of smart contracts for manufacturing?
  • How can ledger technology deliver logistics 4.0?
  • How can blockchain streamline the supply chain?
  • Is blockchain a viable technology for Industry 4.0?

Following the webinar, ABI Research Enabling Platforms Vice President, Dan Shey, will give attendees an introduction of our new Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) research service.