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Blockchain is a foundational technology that has the potential to disrupt and transform existing business models by significantly altering the underlying digital infrastructure and rules of engagement. The Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) service looks at blockchain applications and other DLT beyond digital currencies and financial services. The aim is to focus on the use of DLT in areas such as supply chain and manufacturing; smart spaces (factories, utilities and cities); identity, privacy and security; governance structures; analytics and data management; database and network services; healthcare; and transportation.

Executive Foresights

Blockchain for Industrial Control Systems

3Q 2018

Xage Security is a U.S.-based startup leveraging blockchain technology to secure industrial control systems. The firm came out of stealth mode in December 2017, and this week it received US$12 million in Series A funding from four investors: March Capital Partners, GE Ventures, NexStar Partners, and City Light Capital. GE’s investment is of particular interest as it intersects with the research themes of its Edge Lab, part of GE Global Research, which focuses on Artificial Intelligence (AI); machine learning; robotics; software; and analytics, including blockchain. Xage Security is already a customer of GE Renewable Energy, which is exploring ways to connect producers and consumers of solar and wind power in a secure manner.


What can Blockchains do for Media?

4Q 2017

We have started to see a flurry of activity with blockchain oriented companies attempting to improve the media environment. Blockchains are distributed computing systems which rely on advanced cryptography. While Bitcoin is the best known, Etherium is generally behind more applications beyond the relatively limited purpose financial network.