Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technologies

Blockchain is a foundational technology that has the potential to disrupt and transform existing business models by significantly altering the underlying digital infrastructure and rules of engagement. The Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) service looks at blockchain applications and other DLT beyond digital currencies and financial services. The aim is to focus on the use of DLT in areas such as supply chain and manufacturing; smart spaces (factories, utilities and cities); identity, privacy and security; governance structures; analytics and data management; database and network services; healthcare; and transportation.

Featured Research

Blockchain in the Supply Chain: Reducing Friction for Faster and More Efficient Logistics

This report looks at emerging use cases for blockchain in the supply chain industry (which includes manufacturing, sourcing, procurement, processing, management, compliance, insurance, logistics, telematics, tracking, monitoring, purchasing, sales and marketing). How does blockchain fit into the increased digitization of the industry and what issues can it solve? As an emergent technology, the focus is on proof of concepts and pilots currently being run by ecosystem players, as well as evaluation of market maturity, potential revenue models, startup dynamics, and industry alliances.


Executive Foresights

Supply Chains get a Blockchain Boost with IBM Food Trust

4Q 2018

In October 2018, IBM announced the general commercial availability of the IBM Food Trust, a blockchain platform for supply chain management of the food industry. The project was started in early 2016 and has been in testing ever since, with a number of high-profile agrifood stakeholders—including Walmart, Nestlé, Dole, Tyson Foods, Kroger, and Unilever, among others—trialing the technology. French retailer Carrefour is the latest to join the network. Today, IBM is offering a range of pricing models, starting at US$100 per month for small businesses (those earning under US$50 million) to US$10,000 per month for large enterprises (US$1 billion and over). The firm also offers an educational “virtually guided onboarding” package for a one-time charge of US$5,000, which includes IBM expert-led sessions for onboarding support.


What can Blockchains do for Media?

4Q 2017

We have started to see a flurry of activity with blockchain oriented companies attempting to improve the media environment. Blockchains are distributed computing systems which rely on advanced cryptography. While Bitcoin is the best known, Etherium is generally behind more applications beyond the relatively limited purpose financial network.

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