AR and VR Company Tracker

Price: Starting at USD 7,500
Publish Date: 24 Jun 2019
Code: MD-AVRC-102
Research Type: Market Data
AR and VR Company Tracker

Market Data Issue: MD-AVRC-102 | Published: 24 Jun 2019


The number of companies, and the scale at which they operate, in the Augmented and Virtual Reality market is ever changing and ever growing. Companies expand their collaborations with hardware and software providers, enrich their portfolio by supporting more verticals and by covering both AR/MR and VR solutions, to meet demand, customers’ expectations, increase the value of their services and assist businesses to efficiently move in the digital age. To help provide insight into this, the AR/VR company tracker tracks and maps companies within the AR/VR ecosystem throughout this growth process, highlighting activity across the value chain and numerous verticals; presence in core technology (hardware), connectivity, analytics, content creation and development, professional services, and more is mapped, along with 14 verticals including manufacturing, logistics, media and entertainment, retail, and education.


Companies covered include hardware and software providers, consulting companies, marketing agencies, and other businesses that have implemented AR, MR and VR use cases in their strategy. In addition, the tracker includes insights into ongoing partnerships across both hardware manufactures (such as HTC, Oculus, Samsung, Microsoft, Epson, Realwear) and software/ platform providers ( such as PTC/Vuforia, Ubimax, Upskill, Steam VR, and Unity). The database also highlights new entrants in the ecosystem as well as companies no longer in operation to present not only a holistic view of the market but also a view that tracks the constantly changing competitive landscape.


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