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VMware was named the Overall Leader in ABI Research's 5G Telco Cloud Native Platforms competitive ranking. The company provides 5G cloud-native platforms designed to be horizontal and deployed across multiple cloud and telco domains. Its solutions offer scalability and flexibility for CSPs and have an open and diverse partner ecosystem, allowing CSPs to build "best-of-breed" systems. Furthermore, VMware is increasingly innovating its telco-grade capabilities and has proven to support the millimeter-type latencies required at the telco edge. VMware has also expanded its capabilities to the RAN, having launched its VMware Telco Cloud Platform – RAN solutions, which includes a RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) component.

VMware is a leading innovator among 5G Telco Cloud Native Platforms. The company offers a telco-specific offering, VMware Telco Cloud Platform, which is being rapidly developed to meet specific CSP needs through enhancements such as VMware Telco Cloud Platform – Public Cloud and VMware Telco Cloud Platform – RAN. VMware offers strong multi-vendor capabilities through a rigorous certification program that includes a broad and diverse range of vendors. In addition, its virtualization layer provides the required level of abstraction for multi-vendor management and container security. Being purpose-built for telcos, VMware Telco Cloud Platform offers a wide array of telco-specific features, including RIC, SD-WAN, orchestrators, and service assurance.

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