U.S. NIST Announces Post Quantum Cryptography Algorithms for Standardization

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By Michela Menting | 3Q 2022 | IN-6606


Round 3 Finally Concludes


The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has been running a standardization competition for Post Quantum Cryptographic (PQC) algorithms since 2016 for Key Encapsulation Mechanisms (KEM)/encryption and for digital signatures. The Third Round candidate algorithms were announced in July 2020 (seven finalists and eight alternates). Today, NIST has announced the following algorithms for standardization:

  • Public Key Encryption (KEM): CRYSTALS-KYBER
  • Digital Signatures: CRYSTALS-Dilithium, Falcon, and SPHINCS+

Beyond that, some of alternatives will move on to a Fourth Round, where the competition will also open up for new submissions for digital signatures. In part, this is because these new encryption algorithms need more testing and analysis, and also because there was limited choice for some of the other classes, such as code and isogeny-based algorithms (most of the finalists are lattice-based). Diversity helps minimize the risk of weaknesses being found in one of the algorithmic classes.

Out of the Blocks


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