6 GHz Spectrum and Wi-Fi 7 Driving the Demand for Greater RF Filter Complexity

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By Andrew Spivey | 2Q 2022 | IN-6589


RF Filters Are Adapting to an Evolving Wi-Fi Landscape


The rapid expansion of the available unlicensed spectrum in recent years has enabled great leaps in Wi-Fi throughputs and latency rates, but has also heralded significant challenges for Radio Frequency (RF) filters to contend with. The demand for greater RF filter complexity is being boosted further by the increasing regional variations in spectrum accessibility and power level regulations, the coexistence with 5G, and the new technical features of Wi-Fi 7, notably Multi-Link Operation (MLO). New filter designs and a greater number of filter derivatives are helping to address the challenges, but further advancements are required in order to fully harness the full power of the newly available unlicensed spectrum in all markets and the promised technical improvements of Wi-Fi 7.

The Unsung Heroes of Wi-Fi Devices


RF filters are vital components in all Wi-Fi products, and are available from a range of vendors, including Akoustis, Broadcom, KXcomtech, Murata, NXP, Qorvo, Qualcomm, and Skyworks. In simple term…

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