New Imagimob Applications Show the Potential of TinyML

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By Taylor Jensen | 2Q 2022 | IN-6569


Bringing AI into Embedded Devices and out of the Cloud


Imagimob recently announced it is using its TinyML platform technology combined with Texas Instruments’ mmWave radar sensors for fall detection and gesture recognition. Users can download Imagimob AI for free, with both fall detection and gesture recognition included in the platform as starter projects. In addition to the fall detection and gesture recognition applications, Imagimob customers can also use the platform to determine audio levels in places like factories or mines, to detect human motion and track workers and elderly people, and for predictive maintenance of many machines and devices. The announcement of TinyML for these two applications shows the vast potential for Machine Learning (ML) technologies to perform on-device analytics of sensor data and perform automated tasks, even when connections are down.

TinyML for Fall Detection and Gesture Recognition


Fall recognition provides great value for monitoring people in numerous scenarios. The sensors can be installed on applications throug…

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