Semtech’s LR1120 Chip Highlights the Growing Interdependency of Silicon and Cloud in Massive IoT

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By Tancred Taylor | 2Q 2022 | IN-6544


Announcement News


In early April 2022, Semtech released LR1110’s successor: LR1120. The announcement focused on three core features: its multi-band support, geolocation solver, and hardware crypto engine. The LR1120 chip release is focused purely on enhancing the long range (LoRa) Edge hardware portfolio, Semtech’s next generation of silicon for the IoT. However, it highlights how increasingly intermeshed the company’s hardware and software offerings are to creating value and market-leading device capabilities.

What are the Key Features?


The LR1110 chip, the progenitor of Semtech’s LoRa Edge products, has been one of the company’s most popular products ever since it was released back in 2020, bringing much greater integration of discrete features within a single small and low-power package. While the initial LR1110 chip was purely a hardware transceiver offering, Semtech’s roadmap ensured that the hardware was gradually enabled with key functionalities through the rollout of its cloud platform, facilitating device managemen…

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