Emza Visual Sense and Dell Democratize TinyML in Laptops

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By Lian Jye Su | 2Q 2022 | IN-6536


Emza Visual Sense Powers the Smart Camera in Dell Laptops


In April 2022, Emza Visual Sense announced that it is to provide Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based visual sensing technology for Dell’s Latitude, Inspiron, and Precision laptops. Emza’s WiseEye for Notebooks (WiseEye NB) system combines the company’s small-sized computer vision algorithms with Himax Technologies’ ultra-low-power AI system on chip (SoC). The laptops can visually detect user engagement levels and optimize user experience based on presence, movements, and facial direction. In addition, the laptop’s camera knows whether the user is looking at the display and will automatically blur the screen to conceal sensitive information when it recognizes an additional face.

In addition to providing contextual awareness, the technology enables better display power management and battery life. Since images are processed entirely on the dedicated AI processor co-located with the CMOS image sensor, images are never stored or transmitted to the main computing platform or the cloud. This implementation helps ensures user privacy an…

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