Entefy Delivers Hyperconfigurable AI and Automation for Enterprises

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By Lian Jye Su | 2Q 2022 | IN-6535


End-to-End AI-as-a-Service


Developing and deploying AI-based process automation and analytics that integrate tightly with existing business operations is still challenging, even in 2022. While enterprises nowadays are spoiled with choices, combining a patchwork of AI frameworks, platforms, and tools into a highly automated business function requires a lot more skills. This includes creating and refining algorithmic models, thoughtful process orchestration, user-friendly design, robust software, and a clear understanding of the business case.

Silicon Valley-based Entefy identifies a total of 18 skills to create a production-ready, enterprise-grade AI solution from ideation to full production. More skills will be required if the solution intends to leverage emerging technologies, such as on-device AI and edge computing. To resolve this complexity, the company provides comprehensive enterprise AI products and services, covering AI infrastructure, multimodal AI models, data management, backend workload orchestration, user interfaces, and visualization tools. In addition, through one convenient monthly subscription pack…

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