Starlink’s LEO System Steadily Gains Global Adoption

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By Andrew Cavalier | 1Q 2022 | IN-6493


Starlink Constellations to Ukraine's Rescue


SpaceX’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) internet constellation, Starlink, has recently been activated to come to the assistance of the Ukrainian people who are under Russian siege. Starlink’s network is unlike typical terrestrial broadband networks, as it is less vulnerable to cyber-attacks and beams data via Ku (12-18 GHz), Ka (26-40 GHz), and Q/V-bands, which typically fall within 50 to 75 GHz but are used by the company in the 37.5 to 50.2 GHz range, directly from satellites to flat user terminals equipped with phased array antennas that track the satellites. With the constellation employing optical inter-satellite links in low Earth orbit, Starlink can provide a high-speed, comparatively low-latency broadband internet connection to areas with the company’s terminals installed. The activation of Starlink in Ukraine was no accident, as the company had been working to build overhead capacity over Ukraine for months as part of a planned expansion of Starlink services into Europe and other regions. While the satellite provider appears to be building momentum&mdas…

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