A New Era in Cyberwarfare is About to Unfold

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By Michela Menting | 1Q 2022 | IN-6460


Russian Invasion Spills into Cyberspace


The on-going Russian invasion of Ukraine, which started on the 24th of February 2022, was preceded by a slew of pre-emptive cyber strikes in the form of targeted Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) and wiper-like cyber-attacks on Ukrainian websites and institutions; since then, there have been similar retaliatory attacks against Russian websites and organizations. While cyber attribution is difficult at best, it is clear that government organizations (notably military and defense) and affiliated state-sponsored groups from both countries, as well as hacktivists (hacker activists) and organized cybercrime with pro-Russian and pro-Ukrainian support, are involved. The cyber landscape is set to become a very real and significant extension of the current invasion.

What are the Precedents for Cyberwarefare?


Most governments have developed cyberwarfare capabilities to some extent, but certainly those with the most advanced capabilities include the US, Russia, China, Israel, and most western European countries, as well as the …

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