Regulations and Standards in IoT Security: Innovation Versus Compliance

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4Q 2021 | IN-6360


Championing IoT Security Standards and Policies


Security standards compliance on the Internet of Things (IoT) is not an easy task to tackle for regulatory bodies nor implementers. It requires tracking down current and future technological advances, standardizing secure hardware and software specifications, ascertaining the long-term industry requirements on a multileveled scale, and addressing infrastructure needs unique to IoT application scenarios. How can organizations hope to navigate this multifaceted task and prepare for the next wave of standards?

In short, there are three key forces that shape the overall IoT secure standards landscape. First, as expected given the high stakes, many technology companies invested in the IoT space (ranging from hyperscalers and silicon players) have thrown their hat in the ring proposing their own sets of guidelines for IoT security practices, creating a feedback loop between the industry and key standardization bodies. These are private organizations with enough influence and a vested interest in the development of communication and security technologies proposing policy gui…

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