How Can Network Signal Boosters Accelerate 5G mmWave Deployments?

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By Fei Liu | 4Q 2021 | IN-6348


Network Signal Boosters Help Mitigate mmWave Deployment Cost While Expanding Coverage


Millimeter Wave (mmWave) promises multi-Gigabit speed and extreme capacity to unlock the full potential of 5G, but it is accompanied by coverage and building penetration issues, leading to a lower performance and higher cost to deploy. A network signal booster takes signals from nearby sites, amplifies, and then retransmits the signals to previously underserved areas. Deploying network signal boosters may be a fast and inexpensive option to expand network coverage compared to building more gNodeB stations, but they do not necessarily add additional capacity to the network.

What is the Role of Network Signal Boosters in mmWave Deployments?


Poor coverage and penetration are the main obstacles for mmWave. To achieve the coverage and speeds promised by mmWave, it is necessary to add more cell sites. However, the level of network densification required poses challenges such as cost, space, regulation, and the complexity of building thousands of sites. The introduction of network …

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